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A Domestic Potato Appears!

Ello there!

Welcome to the place that Willow likes to call “Adventures: Straight from Willow’s Tunnel” – which I think is a bit corny, but he doesn’t seem to agree. (His tunnel is where he likes to spend a good amount of his time when he’s doing his reporting, so I guess it is what it is.)

Willow has been bothering me for quite some time about being able to share all of his adventures with all of our friends. (The italics wasn’t my idea. I’m not to be held accountable. Just for the record…? That would be Willow…) We will take turns making posts, and even taking guest posts from our friends so they can be the stars for the wheek!

Not sure what to expect from the little potato, but he’s been plotting for quite some time. To be safe I will just say to be ready for anything. Explosions, mass destruction, poop poppers, fleece wars, masquerading raisins – or maybe it’s something else. But seriously.

No seriously.

Be ready. Cause if there’s anything that guinea pigs are good at, it’s being unpredictably predictable.

Wait. What?


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