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Straight From Willow’s Tunnel

I had all the best intentions writing a whole start post, but it is tiring to type. I see mom do it all the time, and she never seems to get tired from typing all day. Hardness level rating? I would have guessed a 1. Did not look hard, but moving back and forth on this keyboard is actually tiring. How does mom do it? Honestly, she does not move away from the screen for hours all at once. I have no clue what is so great on her big, bright, flat screen besides movies! None of the movies are even about food.  She calls it a laptop, but you want to know a secret? She never has it on her lap because it is hot. Too hot. My paws are sweating.

I will make a list about what you will find on my blog because it is easier and less typing.

I will say my favorite six things because my honorary birthday is on the 6th of February.

  1. Food
  2. Sleeping
  3. Food
  4. Chin Rubs
  5. Food
  6. Hay & Carrots

Oh, and friends. I hang out with a lot of friends, so they are here too!

I feel sleepy, so I will catch you all later after I catch some z’s(?). Yes, I think it is z’s. I highly recommend a nap for anyone who has not taken one yet!


Edit From Ali:

I will help Willow broaden his horizons from just food. It just seems to be the most prominent thing on his mind. We’ll also cover all his other adventures, musings, and everything about guinea pigs (and some DIY projects).

Unfortunately, since Willow is sleeping away under a blanket, I couldn’t snag a picture of his naptime. Sleep my little one. Next time. When you are unaware, I shall catch a picture of those zzz’s.


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