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It Has Arrived! – May Birthday Pictures

Straight From Willow’s Tunnel: 

It took mom long enough to post the pictures, but now they are up! The birthday celebration had a lot of chatting, fun, and jokes. One joke was that I could eat at the table between my mom and her boyfriend. The idea was so popular that grandpappy said ‘yes’ and I was brought to the table and put on a place mat with my very own dish!

I was supposed to share with Cora and Kalsie, but I really did not want to, so mom ended up splitting the food on the plate. The full story is one click away. Visit our tumblr or this Tumblr post for more pictures of me at the table and the story that accompanies it! The story will also appear on our Facebook by tomorrow!

After dinner was over, they brought out that cake I talked about before. It is red! Mom said it was like the blood of our enemies. Kind of gross to think about, and she still ate it!

<— This was my face when I saw the cake.









It was a big, but good celebration, and all of us guineas were able to sing along with the party-goers!

The only thing I hated was when mom tried to put on a paper mini crown on my head. I would not let her. Ha ha!

Me: 1

Ali: 0

I cannot wait for my birthday. I am almost positive I will get carrots as my present. I hope so anyway.

– Willow


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