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To Fleece, or Not to Fleece…! That is the Question

After much consideration, I have decided to try out the much loved fleece bedding! For years I’ve used Kaytee bedding due to its ease of cleanup and because I love seeing my guinea pigs popcorn around every time their cage is cleaned. They love sleeping on it. Granted, Willow is the only one that I’ve had that would purposefully kick some bedding over to his sleeping area so there was a nice amount on his towel before falling asleep.

It’s only after much consideration, and plenty of research, that I decided to at least give fleece a try. Better for the environment, more cost effective, and most importantly? Lots of popcorning guinea pig’s (so I have heard)! I may or may not also love the fact that they have great patterns and make the place look more lively and beautiful. With me moving to a new place soon, adding some color to the current mehful, and plain color, decor is definitely a plus – and something I look forward to.

Now I just gotta get Willow on board with liking it and using it properly. In the beginning he didn’t seem convinced that fleece was amazing, but after a while, he was warming up to it – particularly after the Kiwi bed I made (a post on that forthcoming). The REAL question will be… will he still be litter trained after adding it? Or will he feel compelled to pee and poop everywhere rather than just in the litter box?

What do I say to that…?

So, technically, in other words… I won’t worry about it until I have to worry about it.

Some of my friends and family are also looking to change to fleece and give it a try. Below is a sample of the different fleece designs and cloths that my friends, family, and I have already bought to start making items for our guinea pigs!

 <– colors used for the kiwi bed (minus the Minions of course!)

 <– fleece and cloth that will be used

 <– Compiled Fleece of my friends’ and one of mine! We’re all making the change to ‘luxury’ fleece cages!



 Willow says hi!

For those who are still looking at different types of bedding, I would highly recommend looking at Guinea Lynx (http://www.guinealynx.info/bedding.html) for bedding information. It lists pros and cons of various types of bedding and even lists the stuff you should stay away from for your guinea pig’s safety. You might be thinking, “So what, Ali? Lots of places do that.” While that might be true, it’s a trustworthy website that is straightforward and tells you WHY it’s dangerous. Willow says, “Gotta give them extra carrot points for that”, and I couldn’t agree more!


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