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Fleece Bedding – Getting the Absorbent Layer from UHaul

Changing to fleece has definitely taken a lot of time and research. Who knew there were so many components!

Learning about the Cage Liners – I call them fleece liners to differentiate them – I found that fleece by itself doesn’t do it! Besides just fleece that is properly prepared, you need to get an absorbent layer to have under the fleece.

I checked out guineapigcages.com’s forum (one of the forums) for the best absorbent layer that would work for me and the guineas.

I decided that for longevity sake, I’d go with UHaul Liners! So I took time earlier in the week to order UHaul Liners from our local dealer.

UHaul Adventure – Absorbent Layer? Done, Done, and Done

It’s not everyday that the local U-Haul dealer nearby gets a call from someone asking if they know whether or not their furniture pads are made of recycled denim and if they could sell some to you.

The Conversation with my Local UHaul Dealer Went a Bit like This:

Him: “Well, what are you looking to use the Uhaul Liners for? Couches? Fridges?”

Me: “Oh, it’s not for moving furniture or anything like that. I know I need the recycled denim ones because they’re pretty absorbent.”

Him: “Yeah, they are. Are you worried about something leaking and to catch it?”

Me: “Oh, no. It’s not for moving. I want to buy padding to line my guinea pig’s cage.”

Him: “…you… you want furniture liners to use with your guinea pigs??”

Me: “If they are recycled denim, yes!”

Him: *silence with rustling papers*

Me: “Hello??”

Him: “Yeah. I’ve been working with UHaul for a VERY long time, and this is the most in depth question I’ve ever gotten… and interesting. But yes, it says recycled denim… I don’t sell them here though. You’d have to go to X to get them.”

Me: “..Oh.. okay. I was just hoping to get the fleece down sooner. Do you have the address or number of the place?”

Him: “This is for pets of yours??”

Me: “Yeah. I did research and it’s supposed to be really great being the adsorbent layer under fleece and is just better for my pet since he has allergies.”

Him: “…how soon do you need it? If you can wait a week, I can order some for you and have them shipped here so you can just pick them up here on maybe Tuesday or Wednesday.”


I wish I could’ve recorded the whole call. His voice was very much like, ‘you’re joking..’ But he seemed to have come around by Monday when I picked up the liners from there! 

I certainly was tempted to have the guineas come with for a car trip, but they wouldn’t have appreciated it. Instead I went along with two friends to pick up everyone’s liners.

I’m off to go prep the liners and get them ready for making new fleece liners/bedding for the new cages!


Willow on UHaul Furniture Pads/Liners.


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