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Willow’s Kiwi Bed Completed!

Straight From Willow’s Tunnel: 

It has been forever since you heard about my particular predicament in regards to having a kiwi bed. Mom said that it was not that long ago when she posted the picture of the overly small bed, but I am quite positive that it has been over a month since that happened. Even two months! She cannot fool me. I have been waiting for my own bed for ages!

While Cora’s bed – because that is who mom gave it to – was way too small for me, though…I mean… I think I was doing pretty well getting myself to fit. Mostly anyway. BUT, this new bed mom just completed is HUGE! She said it is because I sleep mostly in a straight line with my foot thrown out either beside me or behind me. (I do not appreciate it when she keeps calling it a chicken leg. She called it a frog leg once, but took it back since it was not webbed and I became self conscious.)

Cora’s bed is too small. My bed is too big. Kalsie’s bed is just right.

So, while I started to complain, it dawned on me. Who actually wants to settle for ‘just right’? Goldilocks did not know what was good for her. Softer and bigger is better!

Here is my completed kiwi cuddle cup bed with me in it! And there is also a picture to show the size comparisons between everyone’s beds. Kalsie’s bed is not stuffed yet since we ran out of stuffing, but it should be finished soon!

It is really comfy and since we all fall asleep on it quickly, mom said she will probably do a DIY project post for it. So stay in touch! (Edit from Ali: Stay tuned!)

As you all enjoy your day, I will be napping away on my new cloud. (Mom thinks that I have given up on my ‘sleep on hard things’ ways, but we will see mom… we will see.)

Willow: 1

Ali: 1

“Rest your head close to my heart, never to part, Baby of Mine.” –Dumbo

For More Pictures, check out my tumblr page!


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