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Willow Adventures: Snuggle Sack Struggle

Straight From Willow’s Tunnel:

I cannot tell you how rude my mom is. I know that they say parents are jerks sometimes, but my mom is the ultimate jerk. She even forgot to post this before she went on vacation!

In June I was out and enjoying myself when I caught sight of Cora’s snuggle sack just sitting and wasting away on top of a nearby crate. I jumped up and after a few attempts, I finally snagged it! I buried myself in it, and then I heard my mom and aunt laughing. Ignoring their rude behavior, I finally fell asleep and stuck out my foot cause it is just more comfortable when you let your foot do its thing.


A while later, as I was dreaming about dancing carrot tops and cucumber pieces, the bag suddenly moved and mom was trying to get me out! Something about trying to let me use a bigger snuggle sack to be more comfortable. Stupid mom, I was ALREADY comfortable! But after much struggling and complaining to her, she actually tugged me out! I backed my butt into the little sack in annoyance and gave a small brown gift before running into the other sack that was provided to me by my aunt. Which, I have to admit, was better and more comfy cause I fit, but… 

So HA mom! Take that!

Willow: 2

Ali: 1


Willow enjoying the newer snuggle sack.. though he seems a bit iffy…


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