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Hammock and Snuggle Sack Finally Completed

White Sox Hammock and Snuggle SackWorking on a lot of items that will be introduced to Willow once we move!

Yesterday I completed the hammock and snuggle sack which are White Sox themed to honor the guy in my life who I will be moving in with. Since he’d see the cage as much as me, I wanted to make sure he felt apart of it.

Willow won’t get to try out the hammock until we get to our new place (so I can secure it and make sure it’s safe), but he did try out the snuggle sack.

Willow in Cuddlesack

He seems to really like it except for the fact that I might have accidentally made it too narrow. It’s great for any pig, but since Willow keeps trying to lay down (like he is in that picture), and since he’s obviously longer, he’s looking a bit cramped. He’ll have to adjust – or wait until whenever I make a new wider sack. ❤

My upcoming projects for the week are the following: finishing a second fleece liner for the cage, making lap pads, and creating that fleece forest! I can’t wait to see how all of this looks put together.

Common Colors of Both Liners and the Other Accessories: Blues, Purples, Blacks, and Whites (minus the brown and green kiwi cuddle bed).


Willow’s reaction when I was taking pictures…

For those who do not know and are iffy seeing the cage sizes currently of the guinea pigs, please see here for our notice!



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