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Conception: New Cage Layouts

We’re super excited to announce the concept layouts for the guinea pigs of Once Upon a Wheek!

After much debate, and working within the realm of space restrictions, the following layouts were chosen. They optimize the space for the guinea pigs and the area that the cages are residing.

Cora’s Palace

As of July 19th, York completed Cora’s new palace! Incorporating Cora’s traveling cage (cage from the pet store), he was able to expand the space to 13.6 square feet. While the cage itself is only 3.75 square feet, the grids surrounding the fleece made up the extra 9.85 square feet to give it a total of 13.6 square feet.

tumblr_oaqd0x9nfV1up0famo1_400 (2)


Litter Box + Paper Bedding | Fleece Bedding | Fleece Forest | Kiwi Cuddle Bed | Cardboard Tunnel | Snuggle Sack | Igloo Hide-y Hut | Ramp – safe and easy access

While Cora is known for popping her head out from her igloo to loudly voice her opinions throughout the day, Cora’s new favorite place seems to be within the fleece forest area. “Cora loves the fleece. She’s still exploring it, but I think her favorite part is the fleece forest. She’s always there,” York said.

We can safely say that the once always bored princess isn’t bored anymore with the chews and other toys to entertain her while York is away.

Concept Layouts for Willow and Kalsie

We’re still waiting until the move to set up Willow’s new digs and Kalsie’s new home, but until then here are the concept layouts for both of them.


Willow’s place has an area of 13.6 square feet, which is a lot less than what we wanted, but due to space restrictions, this was the best we could do for the new place. We really wanted to give Willtumblr_oaqd0x9nfV1up0famo3_540 (2)ow 19 square feet since he’s used to free ranging and I know it’s hard to change from free ranging to being locked in a cage while I’m at work. Unfortunately it’s not in the cards right now.

As he adjusts to the new place, we’ll see what happens since it’s no longer just Willow and me.


tumblr_oaqd0x9nfV1up0famo2_400 (2)

Kalsie’s cage has the same size area as Willow and Cora with 13.6 square feet and has a look that definitely makes the cage area look larger. With the front of the cage flipped up and over the top, it makes the cage look more open and spacious. The fleece bedding was completed yesterday and has been packed away. Can’t wait to see what it looks like when it all comes together! Rekeito says she should have most of it together by tomorrow.



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