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Introducing Kalsie: World Domination

Kalsie’s Kitchen

The human insisted I write a little something so I’m making her do it. Saw Willow typing and looked too tiring. Speaking of which, the human is trying to exhaust me! She finally got me unlimited hay, but instead of a hay bed, she got me a hay dispenser. How am I supposed to eat while lying down now? She has even raised it a little higher so I need to actually work for it. Insanity.

Worse? She has decided to also raise my water bottle! I can’t even lay down and drink anymore!

The human thinks I’m lazy, but I’m smarter than her and intelligent enough to know that conserving my energy for when I need it is most important. I run laps in the morning, how can she think I am lazy?? She knows nothing.

When I’m Queen, everyone will bow at my very presence and no one will deny me anything.

But for now I will plan and *yawn* take a nap. I’ll conquer the world tomorrow… and talk about the new place tomorrow. Maybe in a week. Maybe.



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