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Communicating Through Technology: Willow Adventure

I was sewing the new cage liner with Willow hanging out with me for company since he was begging to be let out of his cage. Even though we had taken a nap together only a few hours earlier on the couch and spent a good few hours on the carpet running around (him running, me trying to do writing), he still didn’t want to stay in his cage.

Instead, I set him inside his snuggle sack and put him on the table – watching him – as I continued to work with the sewing machine and fleece. I can tell you that it is really difficult to sew when your guinea pig sits on the fleece and doesn’t want to move, even though he has a snuggle sack right nearby (and it is behind the laptop in the picture). As you can probably predict, the lines I sewed weren’t straight leaving the cage liner to look like a complete amateur had done it. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, just that I hoped it would look nice after all my practice!

Laughing it off and telling myself that Willow helped me, I then went to check some stuff on my laptop. And of course, the ever helpful Willow was there on my keyboard.

I posted this on tumblr and facebook, so perhaps you’ve already heard, but incase you haven’t…

tumblr_oayb0c9xkF1up0famo1_540I must’ve clicked the url (earlier), he must’ve stepped on ‘enter’, and this popped up on the screen. Willow looked at the screen, then looked at me.

Whelp… I guess guinea pigs CAN communicate with us in a way we can understand. This new technology age does them good.

For those unable to make out the words:
“Mom, get out of Facebook and feed me!”

And how about the cage liner? The crooked and odd lines might not be so visible right now (or maybe they are), but here’s the completed liner for Willow! I folded it over so both sides of the fleece are showcased. On the bright side, at least the line can be considered a ‘wave’ which fits the summer and beach theme.


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