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Leaving One City for Another: Moving and Adjusting to My New Home


(Photo From Secret Life of Pets (2016) by Illumination Entertainment)

Straight From Willow’s Tunnel

I want to be the first to tell you that the seven hour car ride was not fun. When mom said we were moving, I thought she meant down the street! We left the bustling city of Chicago behind and have traded it in for something called the “Twin Cities”. No matter how great this place may seem, it means that we’ll be traveling back and forth for holidays and I am not amused. 

I will admit that the new place is not too bad, though I miss all the noise and people back home in Illinois. And grandpappy’s carrots.

At least, I am luckily not in my mom’s place. She seems busy, and stressed, and we have not had a proper reading session for some time. Or watched a movie together, just us.

On the bright side I am glad that my stuff is all set up with lots of napping places, including the nice carpet by her desk. (She thinks it is because I like her, and while that’s true, it is also partly because I can smell the glorious timothy hay that is coming from the box nearby.)

I like the new cage that my mom put together. It is very roomy and I actually spend a lot of time in the enclosure area rather than outside. Mom only closes the doors at night, but otherwise, I can come and go as I please! I told her I would be good at night, but she came back to some surprise beans under her desk where her feet usually are. What can I say? I fell asleep! She might have also found some brown beans in her backpack – which makes a wonderful hidey spot – if anyone was curious.


The New Digs – More About the ‘Cage’

The cage is really roomy with 13.6 square feet total, but since I free range her office area, it is a good 152 square feet (okay, a little less because of her desk, closet, and other things she says she ‘needs’).

She has change the layout of the cage about four times since we got here. All my attempts to get her to change it paid off! I hated that one side being blocked, and after always struggling to go through that grid, she finally removed it and made the entrance a double door. You can check out three of the designs/layouts below and see what the layout is now.



The old layout that mom put together in a hurry in the original living room area. Due to a change in location in the apartment, I ended up in her office area instead – which is much better.



With all of the moving of office supplies into her new offiIMG_20160812_183818ce area, it looks like a mess, but it worked really well! I was chilling when mom took this picture. She added another grid and brought out the space. You see where that flattened cuddle sack is on the right? I would jump on top of it and try to go out there. Mom and her boyfriend felt so bad, they finally took away that grid and made it more open for me! 




Current opening of the Cage taken a few days ago before cleaning and tumblr_oc81kznl7T1up0famo1_540rearrangement – which I told mom to leave alone, but she does not seem to like how I move things around. I have decided it is okay because I can move it at night when she is sleeping.
But don’t you love that big french door-esque opening? Wonderful. 

Besides the wonderful entrance, I have a lot of great areas and accessories in the cage that would make a lot of fellow guineas jealous.

  • Hammock: Not that I ever use it as a hammock. Not really always, but sleeping under it is one of my favorite places of all time.
  • Kiwi Bed: I love jumping and popcorning on it, but sleeping on it? Nah.
  • Snuggle Sack: I loved going into it, but I have decided it is a chair to sit and lay down on.
  • Blue Step-Up Hidey: I am still waiting for mom to put back on fleece or something on the steps and top so I can run up and down it like crazy. She cannot find the old ones, so I need to wait for her to make them – which is taking forever.
  • Fleece Forest: Which has not happened yet, but Cora says it is amazing, and I cannot wait.
  • Hay Dispensers: Mom has been playing with different types and ideas to keep it interesting, but I think she is going to stop. Something about it being hard to get off the fleece. I try to help and eat it off! Well, not the hard stalks. Those are horrible. I just leave those for her.
  • Willow Wood: It used to be a tunnel, but I chewed it up quickly. I also have a willow ball that I love to chew and play with! I hate to brag, but I dismantled it in ten minutes.
  • Kitchen Area and Litter Area

What more can I ask for?

Everything is going swell for me. I only wish I could help mom. I feel like she is stressed, though it seems a bit better. She was saying that internet has finally been figured out and is working (after a week and a half of moving in), furniture has come in (two weeks in), and the mattress has been delivered (two and a half weeks from moving in). I asked why a mattress was necessary since she takes naps with me on the floor in her office. She wraps herself in a blanket and falls right to sleep! Maybe I should have offered some of my fleece so she would not spend money on a mattress. It just sounds expensive.

Like a fortress.

I want a fortress.

– Willow


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