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About Fostering and Our Fosters as of August

Opening a Home to Potatoes Passing By

Upon moving out to the Twin Cities, I was only sure about one thing. I wanted to make sure that I was still able to make a difference in a life – if not lives – in this new place I would call home for the next year. So, naturally, I looked into rescues and shelters that I could help out at so I could provide a loving foster home to guineas in need while they waited for their Furever home.

While there were many great rescues, I stumbled upon Piggy Haven’s Facebook page and found a post asking for volunteers to help foster. I was enthused to become involved and help out a smaller rescue that focused purely on rescuing the little potatoes. Plus, smaller rescues that focus on a specific animal type or breed tend to have less funding and donations than larger rescues that may have a variety of animals – and therefore more people traffic.

Since joining, not only have I found great and caring people, but I also get to meet a lot of great guineas that come through my home. Some of them have never had fruits and veggies before, some were cramped in cages they weren’t really able to move around, and some just came because life just didn’t work out in their old home. I’ve seen pigs who were abused and neglected (which Piggy Haven’s founder and team helped nurse back to health), sick or had special needs, and those who were just confused and frightened. I’ve also seen pigs who were overjoyed to finally be with us because of their past conditions and have found out life can be better than what they’ve had.

I’ve only been apart of the team for less than two months, but these two months have taught and shown me a lot. My heart is bigger because of it, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Current Potatoes in Our Care and Up for Adoption 

Leah and Lexi


Leah (tan and white Abyssinian) and Lexi (orange and brown Abyssinian) are best friends and both are 5 months old – so they have that young piggy energy!

So far that we can tell, Leah is the shy one of the pair and Lexi is the outgoing one who is willing to take some risks and explore around. However, they just arrived yesterday afternoon and are still getting used to us.


UPDATE on Personality:

Leah and Lexi are 5 month old Abyssinian guinea pigs who have a lot of spunk in them. They love being together and will huddle in a group more often than not.

Leah is the shy one, wary and unsure of the new place, but Lexi is outgoing and willing to explore a little bit before running back to her best friend. Lexi also can be persuaded by food!

They are still a little iffy about humans (skittish) – but perk up when they see lettuce! Lexi already is okay with lap time, though Leah will need a bit more convincing! With a little patience and work, these girls probably would adore lap-time and being with you and where the action is. We think they just need people they can bond with and trust first. Super sweet, and quite funny, they definitely have some character to them – in the best way possible.


Please note that there are many other pigs who are looking for their Furever homes. We have many other available pigs on the Piggy Haven website. Some pigs that are ready for adoption aren’t even listed yet – so follow along on the FB page or contact us, or Piggy Haven, to find out all the available pigs and get their pictures!


Passing By and Found Their Furever Homes

Lenny and Squiggy

1472849827930  1472849832122

Lenny (white American short-hair) and Squiggy (tri-colored American short-hair) are two years old and they are amazing survivors. They love, love, LOVE to eat anything and everything – which explains why they’re a tad chubby… in the best of ways though! They are very friendly despite the neglect they suffered. Really sweet boys who just want to be loved.

Lenny is more outgoing and adventurous, but wherever Lenny goes, Squiggy soon follows. Squiggy tends to be shy and a little less trusting than Lenny, but he’s happy to come over and say hi so long as there’s nothing threatening around. Both are a tad skittish at first, but once they got settled in (after a few hours), they were already out of their huts and saying hi.


Ash and Brock

14080057_1340436899314903_7763051396533342357_n  img_20160831_181545

Ash (white and brown Crested) and Brock (tri-colored American short-hair) are five months old and have that young baby energy that we really love. These boys are actually brothers and sometimes have their squabbles just like any human sibling duo, but they work it out in the end. Their home before had never provided them veggies, fruits, or even hay – so they’re still getting used to it and are really hesitant to try new things – but with some patience, they’ll be eating from your hand in no time! We found that soft words of encouragement and holding very still helps for now as they navigate this new and tasty world.

Ash is very playful and energetic. He has places to explore and things to do – so he doesn’t like to stay in one area very long. He also is quite the talker! Just exploring the area, there’s lot of exciting wheeking and chatting. He also has an obsession with the top of the blue hut. He’s always trying to jump on top of it!

Brock, on the other hand, likes to check things out, but to a smaller degree than his brother. He’s content sitting in one spot – at least for a little while. Still full of that youthful energy, he likes to jump up and sniff around a bit, but enjoys his down time as well. Brock is always a happy pig doing zoomies in the cage and popcorning almost on a continuous basis since they had a much smaller cage than the C&C cage they’re in now!


Havannah and Scarlett

14215811_1154066964657165_973512423_o  img_20160905_123921

Havannah (tri-colored Abyssinian) and Scarlett (black and grey Abyssinian) have seen a lot and are looking for a home that will spoil them rotten! Both girls are one years old and love being in the vicinity of the other so much so that they tend to try to squish into the same hut together! They love their leafy greens and fruits, but Scarlett is definitely the one who will venture out first and run and get it.

Scarlett and Havannah are very active girls who like being silly and having a great time. Plus, they have that great spunk that comes with the usual nature of an Abyssinian. When you hear the song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” these girls definitely fit the bill!


Salem and Rue


Salem (brown and white Crested/Teddy mix) and Rue (black and white Crested/Teddy mix Roan) are a mother and daughter pair. Salem is 5 months old and Rue is just 3 months old, but they already have an adventurous spirit – as long as the humans aren’t too close or watching! They’re still very skittish and prefer to play when the humans are away, but all they need is to be comfortable and get used to their new humans – and they have a lot of love to give!

Rue is the more adventurous one, and while she likes to call out for mom when being picked up, she settles down and will try to crawl up to your shoulders and perch there. Definitely a perch potato. She also likes being close to Salem and follow her mother around.

Salem is a quiet pig and wary of the world around her. While Rue is the first to venture out to get leafy greens – even if the humans are around – Salem will bid her time until she things she can run, grab it, and dash back into the safety of her hut. However, after a month, she’s more comfortable coming out.

This duo is fun to watch since it’s clear that Salem loves her daughter, but also needs some mom alone time! There are times when Salem will block the entrance to the hut with her bottom and Rue will complain and try to get in. Eventually both settle down and it’s just fun to see them interacting and snuggled up together wherever they are!


About Piggy Haven

Piggy Haven is a Minnesota based guinea pig rescue and sanctuary that was established in 2010. A small home-based rescue, Piggy Haven has been able to save many lives by rescuing and finding Furever homes for the pigs in their care. Their success is due to a very dedicated founder, the Piggy Haven team, and those who donate or help foster. This year marks the 6th year in rescuing piggies and making sure they go to great homes that will love and spoil them.

Due to our application process, we can only adopt out to the Minnesota area (or if you live a little farther out, sometimes an arrangement can be made).

You can check out Piggy Haven on Facebook for updates, fun and important information, and more! Or check out their website.

If you’d like to help out but cannot adopt or foster, that’s okay! You can make a donation (we even accept items!) or contact us on what you can do to make a difference in saving piggy lives.

Also, do you use Small Pet Select? It’s our favorite for great hay options and cuts that are much better than any brand bought in stores. Use the code “PIGGYHAVEN” so a portion of the purchase comes to Piggy Haven to help more pigs in need.



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