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Rosh Hashanah – ראש השנה

ראש השנה

Monday, October 3rd was Rosh Hashanah and Willow was kind enough to take some time out of his day to help us celebrate the new year! He at least enjoyed the apples! 015


Straight from Willow’s Tunnel

The morning was what you’d expect from mom and her boyfriend. Mom got dressed quickly and was soon on her computer doing posts for work – which is silly since she said today was a holiday. I didn’t get it, but I thought that maybe I could get her attention for my need of breakfast. Usually I just get pellets and a refill of hay in the morning, but today? No. I wanted WAFFLES. Okay, maybe not, but I wanted romaine, and carrots, and green pepper, and cucumber, and apples. Seriously though? Mom said there would be apples and honey.

Mom gave me lots of pets, but before I knew it, she was leaving! I didn’t even give a piece of romaine before she grabbed her keys left – her boyfriend in tow. Lame. I told her it was Rosh Hashanah – that’s what her boyfriend said – and she could stay home with me, but she wasn’t listening. Mom never seems to listen to me.

When mom left, I reluctantly went back and ate pellets, some hay, and went to sleep. She’d be back – soon enough.

Well, she came back sooner than I thought. I must have only been asleep for a little bit – couldn’t catch the running apple in front of me – when I heard the key in the lock!

Mom and dad came right into the house with bags. I let out a loud welcome home and ran to the doorway, but they only said hi and ignored me! Ali said they had to change out of their work clothes. I thought the clothes was fine. I stepped on mom’s foot just so she’d know.

Mom said it was only two hours – but I didn’t believe her. I overheard them talking while they were in the kitchen. Apparently they didn’t have to go to work after all! I hate to say it – but I told them so.

I went off to take a nap, but mom kept coming in and checking her computer and was being really loud. Luckily, I can sleep through her loud stomping feet.

I can’t really remember everything in between my naps, calling and crying whenever my mom opened the fridge door, and her coming in for two hours while occasionally checking if the dough has ‘risen’ (which makes me wonder if it was a zombie…).

009But by evening I saw what she was talking about! From the uncooked dough all the way until it was cooked – IT WAS
SO BIG. It was actually bigger than me!

Mom said she would cut it into slices and we were going to have it for dinner – except I couldn’t have any. It’s okay, it didn’t smell good anyway. It smelled processed. Not even like any fruit or carrot I’ve ever smelled.

Luckily, mom and her boyfriend came in later and I got to have some apple slices! They had honey with theirs (which ruins the apples by the way), and some challah – which is what the bread it called! Mom can’t pronounce it right, so she just kind of tries and fails. I can pronounce it correctly!

Then, the apples that were promised to me? I finally got them! AND THEY WERE DELICIOUS – though not as good as cucumber or carrots, but they were a good treat. As I munched, they put on some anime – which is an animated thing. Anime, animated… get it?? But I wasn’t very interested so mom put me back on the ground to eat so they had room for their plates on the desk.

They also had this awful smelling stuff. They called it “Chinese Takeout” from someplace nearby. It smelled horrible. I tried to tell mom, but she said it was yummy. Doubtful. Then, mom said there was cooked veggies in there, but it didn’t smell like veggies at all. Not convinced. Maybe I can get mom to eat healthier. I will try.

Until then, Happy Rosh Hashanah!


P.S. Did you know there’s a thing called Yom Kippur? Mom said she’d teach me about it on Monday. Something about how it’s a Jewish holiday that we will celebrate. The last thing mom needs is another holiday to stuff her face with challah and “Chinese” food. Yeesh!



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