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Celebrating World Mental Health Awareness Day 2016


We’ve all heard about stopping to smell the roses, but Willow is an advocate to stop and smell the romaine. Why? Because, besides the fact that romaine is delicious, romaine keeps going even after being cut down, even repeatedly. With just a little sustenance, water, it can grow again. Don’t let life cut you down because you’re an amazing person, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Mental health awareness is so important because  the problems people face are very real, but they tend to be invisible. Your best friend, sibling, parent, or anyone can have one or any number of mental disorders, but you may never know it. My guineas have always known what was going on, but it didn’t mean anyone else knew at the time.

What is Mental Health?

Mental health is based on our emotional, social, and psychological well-being. This overall impacts us in everyday life and determines how we will handle stress, make our day to day choices, and relate or interact with others. It affects our feelings, thoughts, and actions.


You mentioned your pets… world-mental-health-day

Yes I did. Pets can be a great comfort during hard times, no matter what they may be. Their unconditional love, affection, and/or presence can help many people move on through their day to day activities. If nothing else, you know that these furry – or not furry! – creatures need and want you. They’re counting on you.

They can also provide companionship and comfort in a way some other humans can’t. There are emotional support animals, service dogs, and many other animal that have been approved because they are proven to be helpful.

Your pet loves you no matter what, they won’t judge you, and they’re cute…! But mostly, there’s no judgement, only love. In their eyes, there is nothing wrong with you, and that can be everything to some people.


I can say that my pets have helped me through a lot. In hard times, my pets were one of the reasons why I kept going and heading towards that light at the end of the tunnel. Even though I now have a great and wonderful support system for whatever I might face, I know that my pets have also always been there and helped me through a lot too – in their own way.


Remember to take care of yourself. Always.

Your pets know how great you are and believe in you. You just need to believe in you too. 

When Life cuts you down, you just keep Going.

Remember…When Life cuts you down, you just keep Going.


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