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Relaunch 2017

New Changes Coming 2017

There are so many new changes and events happening with the Once Upon a Wheek team that have kept them extremely busy!

To ensure that there are posts every week for everyone, and for better organization, we will not be posting many new posts until our revamp next year. We should be up and running by February 2017 with weekly posts and information.


What are we hoping to achieve?

  • A new post every week
  • New ideas
  • Better organization
  • Logo (we’re hoping!)
  • Guinea pig comic/drawing once a month


We will be posting some series posts in February that we promised which include bonding tips, training, and the initial litter training posts!


Stay warm and have a wonderful and memorable holiday season!

Holiday Cards

Dec. 15th: Now this is how you spend a morning. With hot chocolate (with a candy cane melted in), sugar cookies, and Willow nibbling on romaine all while doing last minute touches to the cards. Willow and I finally finished the last holiday cards! They were put in the mail today. 📮✉️📬 Happy Holidays!









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