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Celebrating #OneMoreRhinoBPZ

Image Credit: From the Blank Park Zoo

Near and dear to Ali’s heart is animal care, well-being, and conservation. Having worked at Blank Park Zoo (BPZ) in the past (Willow was supportive from at home), it’s only fitting that the furry potato helped out with some pictures to raise awareness and gather support for black rhinos everywhere. (Plus, Ali misses hanging with Kiano (male) and Ayana (female) there!)


Joining the herd! 🐾 Willow is no rhino, but he got on his podium to support them!

Want to show YOUR support? Write #OneMoreRhinoBPZ on your palm, post it onto social media, and then submit it to #JointheHerd at the Blank Park Zoo submission page!

Want to learn more and help out? Read “What’s with the Point: Rhino Horns and Poaching” on the BPZ page or check out The International Rhino Foundation website for more information about these amazing animals.

Still want to help out?

Did you know that proceeds to many zoos actually go towards conservation to help animals in the wild? But educating yourself and others around you, you can make a real difference – even if you just stop by to say hi to the animals!


If you’re heading to Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, Iowa, check out one of Ali’s favorite buddies, Barnabee who is an Aldabra tortoise and over 80 years old! He’s definitely one awesome guy. ❤


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