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About Us

Once Upon a Wheek was established in May 2016 by Ali, and grew within a week to include five of her best friends that had a similar mission and dream in mind. The team wanted to educate, aid, and entertain others with information that they’ve learned, experienced, and gathered.

Raised with a Disney foundation in their lives, they were inspired with the idea that animals could have dreams and wishes, and  have stories that are worthy of being told. After all, it was all started by a mouse!

With a focus on guinea pigs and a dash of Disney (with their favorite shows and movies mixed in as well), Once Upon a Wheek came to life.


Once Upon a Wheek’s Team

Jess/Ali Founder and Main Writer

RekeitoWriter for Kalsie’s Kitchen

Alistair | Writer and Idea Contributor

York Photo Contributor  for Cora’s Corner

Jon | Idea Contributor 

Larry | Idea Contributor


**Disclaimer: We are not experts or professionals on guinea pigs, rabbits, or other pets/pet care, nor do we pretend that we are. We are more than happy to help as much as we can with our own experiences and current knowledge. Emergencies and other important questions should be asked to a vet or with another expert source.