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Jess (Ali)

Once upon a time, a young girl found herself holding a fluffy, long-eared creature that snuggled up against her body. From its little twitchy nose and soft fur, she became enthralled and entranced by the big personality of such a small creature. Later in life when she had an opportunity to rescue a cavy in need, she jumped up and volunteered to take the sweetheart in after getting to know the guinea for several weeks beforehand. Luckily, her parents were entirely taken with the cavy due to its dog-like behavior and the way she followed Ali around everywhere in the house (without leaving a waste trail).

While rabbits have always been in her life, guinea pigs weren’t until that fateful day. Ever since that little guinea pig won her heart, Ali has been known as the ‘guinea pig whisperer’ and has been training and showering lots of love to both rabbits and cavies for over 10 years. 

Currently Ali’s residential cavy is an energetic and talented potato named Willow who enjoys doing tricks and following Ali around.

In her free time (not hanging with her furry family members), Ali likes to stay busy and occupied. She is best known for spending the majority of her free time working on creative projects, browsing Facebook for animal stories with happy endings, and writing her novel series.


Ali is a strong believer in adoption over shopping and fosters when she can.