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“It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!” – Agnes (Despicable Me)

Rekeito’s affinity to fluffy animals has never let her down even from a young age. Growing up with both reptiles and small animals alike, she always wanted to be able to call a guinea her own after seeing her best friend’s bond with guineas.  When a rescued pair’s bond dissolved and was unable to be repaired, she leaped at the chance to call a guinea her own and adopted her first furry kid.

Rekeito is the proud human of the reliably stubborn loaf named Kalsie and is always amused to see Kalsie’s reaction to the world. Rekeito’s family has said that her guinea is a perfect fit for her due to their shared love of sleep and being innovative enough to increase convenience.

Rekeito’s favorite activities are reading both novels and manga, watching anime and other movies, and playing MMORPGs.