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Kalsie – “The Interior Design Expert”


Kalsie is our very own in-house interior design expert. She’s a quiet planner and is a guinea of few words. She believes vocalizing is only necessary when one really needs to say something. Being independent, though mellow – some would say lazy – she is also very intelligent and will optimize her space for convenience.

Moving her food bowl next to the hay dispenser, on the corner closest to her bed, she lays down to nap, eat, and continue to eat. It wasn’t until Rekeito moved things around that Kalsie realized she actually had to work for it and will adjust the cage on occasion.

While more of a fan of her alone time, she enjoys company when it comes to snack time and will come to greet the people who go by her cage when she does want to be petted.

Her Story: With no fault of her own, Kalsie’s previous owner no longer wanted Kalsie or her cage mate Cora since they were moving away to college. A kind soul took the two in and fostered them until we got wind of the two guinea pigs who needed a home. Kalsie and Cora fought often and after unsuccessfully trying to re-bond them a few times, they were separated.


Favorite Foods: Green pepper, cilantro, and romaine. 

Favorite Hobbies: Interior design, sleeping, and plotting – though we’re unsure what about. 

Dislikes: Being held for over 5 minutes, being wrapped up in a towel, and attention.