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Past Foster Pigs

Last Updated: October 1st, 2016

The Foster Potatoes that Found Their Furever Home

Through Piggy Haven – A Guinea Pig Rescue and Sanctuary | FaceBook | Website

Many guineas pass by here on their journey to find a home to call their very own for the rest of their days. Luckily, these great guineas have already found homes and are on their way there or already settled into their Furever Homes!

We’ll miss these guys, but we’re so happy that they’ve got families who will give them lots of love and attention.

Check out our post for more information and personalities of these great pigs we fostered from August 2016 to end of September 2016: Ash and Brock (brothers), Squiggy and Lenny (best friends), Havannah and Scarlett (best friends), and Rue and Salem (daughter-mother pair), Lexi and Leah (best friends).

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