Introducing Milo to the Family!

Milo being curiousIf you are following any of our social media channels then this won’t come as a shock to you that a new guinea has joined us! This new guinea has been making an appearance on many of the posts and if you weren’t sure if that fluffy ball was a guinea, yes it is. 😉 This is because we have just adopted little Milo into the family to be a buddy and brother to Willow over the weekend from a local guinea pig rescue.

Milo is a senior pig and was formally known as Grocho, but after a few incidents when shortening his name to “Groch”, and the fact he didn’t respond to the name, we decided to change it to Milo.

Milo has his very own page on the website now. We’re still getting to know Milo so it’s quite blank right now, but it should fill up soon!

A Little on Milo

003Milo is approximately 6 years old and has lived at the rescue for a little less than half of his life. He generally gets along with males which is a rare quality to find! He is a texel, known for their curly long hair, and being a texel, also has a shorter nose. With the fluffy fur around his head, we sometimes think that he looks a little like a rabbit, but he his those cute piggy lips when you can find them.

Milo is a shyer guinea, who is still trying to get used to Alistair and me, but he does get a little curious sometimes. He is only just realizing he can walk out from the cage without being too frightened and enjoying free ranging (under careful supervision). As he’s getting more comfortable with walking around and with us, we’re also working on bonding and minor training. It’s already started, and he’s already made some nice progress.

The Day We Got Milo

Milo came to us on Saturday, February 25th. After cleaning out Willow’s cage and getting everything ready, we found Willow sleeping by the trash can, oblivious to the knowledge that soon he would have to share everything.


The clean cage.


Fast asleep and unsuspecting.

We weren’t sure how he would react, but we hoped that it would be positively. Having tried to pair him with other males, they tended to bully him, or get into fights. While Willow loves rumblestrutting, even when he’s just happy, we wondered if it was the reason he got into trouble with other males.

We hoped for the best and it wasn’t long when Milo came! The usual dominance routine took place.

The cage in the morning.

The cage in the morning.

Lots of bum sniffing and rumblestrutting from Willow and lots of running. While the cage was completely clean before they two boys got together, in less than 12 hours, the cage was a mess! I suddenly remembered what it was like to have a non-litter trained guinea. Cleaning the cage has become much more frequent with two boys, and watching them, I realized that poor Milo was always being pursued by Willow, and Willow didn’t like to give up. He was very persistent and wanted to be next to his friend, sleep next to his friend, and when an  hut was introduced, was very intent in staying/sleeping nearby and poking his head in occasionally to check in.


Willow being a watchdog.

Willow and Milo’s Relationship

Willow and Milo under the hammock

Night one when both fell asleep together.

Willow and Milo are getting along well, and are an interesting pair to watch. Willow always wants to check in and sleep next to his new brother. One thing we didn’t realize was how much Willow loved talking. He’s a huge talker and we’re sure Milo’s ears are being talked right off most of the time which reminds me of the relationship I have with Alistair. The talkative/creative one with straight hair vs. the smart/shy one with lovely curly locks.


We’re all looking forward to getting to know Milo better, and we’re sure it will be a fun adventure doing so. No idea what the future holds, but we’re hoping for good things.




Willow Adventures: Snuggle Sack Struggle

Straight From Willow’s Tunnel:

I cannot tell you how rude my mom is. I know that they say parents are jerks sometimes, but my mom is the ultimate jerk. She even forgot to post this before she went on vacation!

In June I was out and enjoying myself when I caught sight of Cora’s snuggle sack just sitting and wasting away on top of a nearby crate. I jumped up and after a few attempts, I finally snagged it! I buried myself in it, and then I heard my mom and aunt laughing. Ignoring their rude behavior, I finally fell asleep and stuck out my foot cause it is just more comfortable when you let your foot do its thing.


A while later, as I was dreaming about dancing carrot tops and cucumber pieces, the bag suddenly moved and mom was trying to get me out! Something about trying to let me use a bigger snuggle sack to be more comfortable. Stupid mom, I was ALREADY comfortable! But after much struggling and complaining to her, she actually tugged me out! I backed my butt into the little sack in annoyance and gave a small brown gift before running into the other sack that was provided to me by my aunt. Which, I have to admit, was better and more comfy cause I fit, but… 

So HA mom! Take that!

Willow: 2

Ali: 1


Willow enjoying the newer snuggle sack.. though he seems a bit iffy…