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Guinea pig resources that we found were accurate, useful, or helpful.



A must-read for any guinea pig owner, whether new or experienced. GuineaLynx is the most well-known cavy care website that’s available for everyone. This website includes great updated information regarding nearly every aspect of guinea pig care.


GuineaPigTricks is a great resource for owners on tips and tricks to tame and bond your guineas. It also gives step by step instructions on how to teach them tricks.

Small Pet Select

A family owned business that is dedicated to giving the best quality pellets and hay to small animals. Check with your favorite rescue for a checkout code so that a portion of your purchase can help other piggies in need!

Oxbow Animal Health

The producer of Critical Care which is a nutritional supplement needed when guinea pigs are unable or unwilling to eat their usual diet.

Gorgeous Guineas

World’s first quality skincare products made specifically for guineas.


Accurate information to answer many questions on neutering and what to consider before opting in for the surgery.



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