Hammock and Snuggle Sack Finally Completed

White Sox Hammock and Snuggle SackWorking on a lot of items that will be introduced to Willow once we move!

Yesterday I completed the hammock and snuggle sack which are White Sox themed to honor the guy in my life who I will be moving in with. Since he’d see the cage as much as me, I wanted to make sure he felt apart of it.

Willow won’t get to try out the hammock until we get to our new place (so I can secure it and make sure it’s safe), but he did try out the snuggle sack.

Willow in Cuddlesack

He seems to really like it except for the fact that I might have accidentally made it too narrow. It’s great for any pig, but since Willow keeps trying to lay down (like he is in that picture), and since he’s obviously longer, he’s looking a bit cramped. He’ll have to adjust – or wait until whenever I make a new wider sack. ❤

My upcoming projects for the week are the following: finishing a second fleece liner for the cage, making lap pads, and creating that fleece forest! I can’t wait to see how all of this looks put together.

Common Colors of Both Liners and the Other Accessories: Blues, Purples, Blacks, and Whites (minus the brown and green kiwi cuddle bed).


Willow’s reaction when I was taking pictures…

For those who do not know and are iffy seeing the cage sizes currently of the guinea pigs, please see here for our notice!



DIY Hay Dispenser Ideas

DIY Hay Dispensers

Straight From Willow’s Tunnel 

Since hay is an integral part of our everyday diet (consisting of 80% of our food per day), mom and her sister have been trying to think of a cheap, and cute, way to dispense the hay without it getting all over. I don’t see it as a problem. Hay is comfy and delicious so I don’t know why they think it goes to waste if we had a hay bin. Sure it can get on the fleece and carpet, and sure it’s comfy to use as toilet paper (two in one usage!), but if the hay ever gets anywhere? I mean, it wouldn’t be there long. I would eat it up. Even if poop gets on it. (Trust me, it doesn’t affect the taste much.) But see? No wasting will happen with this cavy.

Mom doesn’t think that it’s very hygienic – whatever that means – to eat the hay I’ve used as toilet paper. Plus, there’s something called “looking nice” that she wants to follow. She was quick to add that she thinks hay bins look nice, but she has no talent to cut a nice hole in a bin. (Basically, she’s lazy. She doesn’t mention it, but I know it’s most likely because she’s allergic to hay and if I sleep on it, she wouldn’t be so keen to snuggle.)

In searching for an alternative to a hay bin, they started compiling a list. I chewed the corner of the list to make sure the paper was good enough for them to use, and decided to help out and type the list for everyone down farther on the page. 



Most of us are on a budget, not all, but some of us. We want to have safe and effective hay dispensers without paying the money for it. Here’s a couple of options!

Using Everyday Items

  • Boxes (i.e. Cereal, Noodle)
  • Oatmeal Container

Bit More Fancy

  • Cloth Pouches

There are many other options that you can do from creating your very own by doing woodwork, or by being crafty and creative, but these are two easy options for DIY that work with any budget.

 (Willow enjoying his new hay dispenser.)


Sleep My Little One: First Fleece Cuddle Cup Trials 1/2

Sleep My Little One… You must be Exhausssttedd…

– Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride


I mentioned in “To Fleece, or Not to Fleece…! That is the Question” post that I have already tested out the fleece a bit by making a kiwi cuddle cup for the guineas – with hilarious results! Mostly because it was too small for two of the guinea pigs. We used it to be the ‘test’ kiwi, but it created a lot of funny pictures – as you’ll see below!

I was inspired to make my own after browsing Pinterest and seeing this picture:

Credit of Idea and Picture to: TheCozyHut on Etsy which I found through Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/449867450259664986/).

It seemed like a fun little thing to see the guinea pigs sleep in! Tropical, bright, and packed with vitamin C! — at least the actual fruit is. 


This is our first Kiwi Cuddle Cup – with four more or so to follow! This one was made with specifications that York gave us. Not too shabby, right? Definitely more fluffy!

Note: We will be posting the tutorial on how to make the beds later this month, but until then, enjoy the pictures of one of the piggies loving the bed! Due to sizing after our size trials – this is now Cora’s bed. She is the smallest of the guinea pigs so she fit perfectly! The other two.. well… that’s another post for another day. 

CORA’S Rating and Review:

 5/5 Stars!

Cora now sleeps in comfort alongside her human as he does gaming, watch anime, and other computer things. She loves the bed so much that she’ll crawl into the bed and happily sit alongside York for hours (until nature calls anyway). It’s her new favorite place to nap, even including her igloo! Comfy, safe, and loved. 5 Stars from this cavy!